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Lily Schlinker is a young female visual and performing artist from Berlin. She studied Circus Arts at CODARTS - University of the Arts from 2018-2022 in Rotterdam. Her photography captures contemporary circus and movement through analog lenses. She loves to combine her photographs with painting, graphic design and experimental techniques.


Architecture, the human body and the vibrant colours are her biggest inspirations and to be found in her pieces.

During her time at Codarts she started with  show poster designs for circus shows such as the poster for "SAFE - because we are all different and the spectrum is endless" directed by Joris Schoenmaeckers and the poster for "des brumes" a contemporary circus show directed by Marlène Rubinelli - Giordano. She has also coordinated and created the social media content and page for "des brumes" (instagram page: @des_brumes) where she combined her love for analog photography and virtual art.

As a circus performer she is mainly working in a Duo with Janick Kremer. Together as Lily&Janick they built their own movement language which they call acrobatic partnering that combines contemporary dance and circus. Solo she is performing as a tightwire and slackrope balancer. Janick Kremer and Lily Schlinker are currently based in the Netherlands and Germany. Here you can find their work:

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