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P A S T  P R O J E C T S

FRONTPAGE! english jpg.jpg

Flyer & Poster

for MOI-RA-I by Trenina


Picture and Design of the flyer and poster for MOI-RA-I in two languages


The light and colorful design of the flyer echos the playfulness of this interdisciplinary contemporary circus show made for kids.




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Logo & Poster

for The Headless Cabaret and Headless Productions


The Headless Cabaret started during the beginning of the pandemic and has produced a series of online cabarets which featured contemporary circus made for screen. Recently Headless Productions have created a web series and will host their first live version of the Headless Cabaret in Rotterdam.


Lotta Freiheit Illustriert2.jpg

Illustration & Layout

for Lotta Voigt


This documentary literature article was written by the creative writer Lotta L. Voigt and has been published in a german independent literature magazin on four pages.

The article will be linked soon...

Lotta Freiheit Illustriert5.jpg

Individual shoot

with Aurélie Tercier and her ribbons

NOV 2021

These analog pictures were created in a site specific  photo shoot near the harbour of Rotterdam with the swiss handbalancer Aurélie Tercier.  For her graduation act from Codarts  she is working with fabric ribbons combined with hand balancing.


AURELIE (29 von 30).jpg
Selection_Ausstellung  (7).jpg


with Fidel Rott

DEC 2021

For the act "confined by space" Fidel Rott and I collaborated and captured his juggling in a 1 square meter black box with taking pictures from above. These analog and digital pictures were exposed in an exhibition/installation together with performance arts, texts and videos.


individual shoot

with Meike Schnapper

 FEB 2021

When I saw this neon wall while I was cycling to university I immediately was inspired by the color and knew I want to contrast it with a human body in grey tones and some highlights in white. Later the day I met Meike Schnapper and we spontaneously head off to the spot again to create these vibrating pictures where she combines her specializations ball juggling and handstands.



Work in Progress Showing Photography

with Sinking Sideways at TENT 'maker for a week' residency

DEC 2021

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